Pain: Everyone's Problem (Mayo Clinic Employee's Only)

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Pain: Everyone's Problem (Mayo Clinic Employee's Only)

Geffen Auditorium, Rochester, MN


Pain: Everyone's Problem


This enterprise-wide 1-day course is intended for therapists (PT/PTA, OT/OTA, SLP and RT) to provide an overview of the “pain problem” including overuse of medications, its consequences and therapeutic interventions to manage pain. Pain is an individualized experience, and one of the most common symptoms that may lead someone to seek the help of a health care professional.

Therapists play an important role in pain management at all levels of care. Understanding of the neuroscience of pain will assist you to incorporate alternative and safe pain management interventions with positive side effects like improved mobility, independence and wellness.


Course Objectives

Course Learning Objectives

  1. Upon conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:
  2. Recognize the “pain problem” and the role of rehabilitation services in pain management.
  3. Describe the structures involved and incorporate the neuroscience of pain into clinical practice.
  4. Cite conventional and alternative pain management treatment options in certain conditions and/or populations.
  5. Recognize the inter-relationship of cognitive behaviors and pain.
  6. Identify innovative practices and interventions that may be of benefit for the patient in pain.



Welcome - Kathy Brewer, MEd, PT, DPT, GCS (MCS)

Skills not Pills: Evidence-Based Strategies for Chronic Pain - Jeannie Sperry, PhD (MCR)

The Neuroscience of Pain - Beau Johnson, PT (SWWI)

Mini Sessions

Pain management in the Oncology practice – Jenny Bradt, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA (MCR)

Pain management in the Orthopedic practice – Courtney Sherman, MD – (MCJ)

Break (45’)

Mini Sessions

Management of neurogenic pain – Deb Gross, PT (MCR)

Pain management in the Pediatric practice – Brad Landry, DO (MCR)

Innovative Pain Management Strategies

Role of PT and OT in the pain rehab clinic - David Brown, PT (MCJ); Michelle Cernich, OT (MCS)

Break (15’)

Behavioral Therapy - Christopher Sletten, PhD, LP (MCJ)

Complementary Medicine

Integrated Medicine – Pauline Lucas, PT, DPT, WCS (MCS)

Pilates – Sunni Alessandria, PT (MCJ)

Acupuncture – Peter Dorsher, MD (MCJ)

Wrap Up / Adjourn


Connect with a Mayo Clinic Cardiologist

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Florida: 800-634-1417

Minnesota: 855-MAYOHRT

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